It sure didn't sound as if Danny Ferry was reading. (Curtis Compton/AJC)

It sure didn’t sound as if Danny Ferry was reading

8:50 pm Sep. 11, 2014

Maybe you believe that Michael Gearon Jr., one of the Atlanta Hawks’ many owners, is waging a campaign to oust Danny Ferry as general manager. Even if we concede that point, we’re left with this:


Bruce Levenson is leaving. Can Danny Ferry possibly stay? (Johnny Crawford/AJC)

Can Danny Ferry keep his job? I don’t see how

7:59 am Sep. 9, 2014


When first the Atlanta Hawks’ owners were squabbling over a general manager, it was semi-comical. In 2005, Billy Knight wanted to send Boris Diaw and two draft picks to Phoenix in a sign-and-trade for

The story of Game 7: Roy Hibbert stuffs Paul Millsap. (AJ Mast/AP)

The Hawks did well, but not well enough

9:35 pm May. 3, 2014


A heaping helping of cognitive dissonance after the Atlanta Hawks lost Game 7 to the Indiana Pacers 92-80 here Saturday.

On the one hand, this rebuilding team — a team playing without its best player to