Todd Gurley will miss Kentucky, which won't be offended. (Jason Getz/AJC photo)

Sad that UGA’s Gurley got 4 games? Don’t be

1:37 pm Oct. 30, 2014

I know Georgia fans are upset that Todd Gurley won’t be allowed back until the Auburn game on Nov. 15, but let’s be realistic: Until Wednesday, there was no guarantee he’d be back at all.

A sign o' the times. (Curtis Compton/AJC photo)

The No. 2 choice to win the CFB playoff? Georgia

10:35 am Oct. 28, 2014

Georgia won’t be in the first four when the initial College Football Playoff standings are announced today, which isn’t to say Georgia won’t be the final four come Dec. 7. For a team still officially

There's no English pub nearby. There is, however, this. (M. Bradley)

The Knowledge: 16 things I’ve learned in England

2:55 pm Oct. 24, 2014


1. Everyone has a favorite football team (and not the American kind), and some of the affiliations are nearly ancient. Owen, our bus driver to the Falcons’ complex in Watford, is a Chelsea supporter

Calvin Johnson (right) goes incognito at the Lions' practice Thursday. (Matt Dunham/AP photo)

Stafford and Megatron: Living the life in Bagshot

11:54 am Oct. 23, 2014

London – If anything, the Detroit Lions’ England HQ is even swankier than the Atlanta Falcons’. It’s the Pennyhill Park Hotel outside Bagshot, and if you’re within spitting distance of Bagshot … well, you’re in

Mike Smith unleashes bon mots in the potting shed. (M. Bradley)

The Falcons in England: Julio takes a pricey ride

11:25 am Oct. 22, 2014

London — Want to feel disoriented? Take a gander at the Atlanta Falcons, Hall County’s team, after a morning walk-through at their posh hotel in Watford. Same guys, different continent. (Although technically this is an