There's no English pub nearby. There is, however, this. (M. Bradley)

The Knowledge: 16 things I’ve learned in England

2:55 pm Oct. 24, 2014


1. Everyone has a favorite football team (and not the American kind), and some of the affiliations are nearly ancient. Owen, our bus driver to the Falcons’ complex in Watford, is a Chelsea supporter

Calvin Johnson (right) goes incognito at the Lions' practice Thursday. (Matt Dunham/AP photo)

Stafford and Megatron: Living the life in Bagshot

11:54 am Oct. 23, 2014

London – If anything, the Detroit Lions’ England HQ is even swankier than the Atlanta Falcons’. It’s the Pennyhill Park Hotel outside Bagshot, and if you’re within spitting distance of Bagshot … well, you’re in

Mike Smith unleashes bon mots in the potting shed. (M. Bradley)

The Falcons in England: Julio takes a pricey ride

11:25 am Oct. 22, 2014

London — Want to feel disoriented? Take a gander at the Atlanta Falcons, Hall County’s team, after a morning walk-through at their posh hotel in Watford. Same guys, different continent. (Although technically this is an