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Will the Braves hold on and make the playoffs?

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Is the Braves' run about to halt? (AP photo)

Is the Braves’ run about to halt? (AP photo)

In today’s AJC, I cast a rather cold eye on the Atlanta Braves and their playoff chances. I believe they’ll have to play better than they have — perhaps better than they’re capable — to qualify for the postseason. I say this even though they’re only a game behind Washington in the National League East and they’re leading the wild-card chase. (Actually, they’re tied with the Dodgers for the first WC, and they’re a game ahead of Pittsburgh and St. Louis for the second.)

I say this in large part because the pleasure cruise that has been the Braves’ midsummer schedule — they haven’t played a game against a team above .500 since June 22 and won’t for another six days — is about to end. From July 29 through Aug. 24, the Braves will play 22 games against teams currently holding a winning record. I’m not sure they’re up to that task.

My view is that the Braves have done pretty well to hang tough this long without three starting pitchers and without much of an offense, but I’m not sure they can keep this up for two months more. Then again, I’m often wrong. And maybe they’ll find some help at the trade deadline. At this moment, however, I remain a skeptic.

But here’s where you get to state your opinion. Are you likewise skeptical? Or are you a believer in the Zen of Wren? There’s a poll below, and there’s also a comment box. Avail yourselves, please.

From myajc.com: Can the Braves improve enough to make the playoffs?


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