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Mark BradleyMark Bradley

LeBron back to Cleveland, and that’s not a bad thing

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Gone from South Beach in a puff of smoke. (AP photo)

Gone from South Beach in a puff of smoke. (AP photo)

LeBron James is taking his talents to …

How about we just retire that tired line here and now? How about we just say, “LeBron James is headed back to Cleveland to play for the Cavaliers?” Is that good enough?

I’ll be honest: I never thought he’d leave Miami — a good organization based in Florida, which has nice weather and no state income tax — but the Cavaliers, of all teams, closed the sale. (LeBron announced his decision via an essay on SI.com, which beats the heck of “The Decision,” that overblown hour of ego-gratification that aired on ESPN in 2010.) This is good for LeBron, good for the NBA, great for Cleveland and not bad for the Atlanta Hawks.

The Miami Heat will not win the NBA Southeast Division next season. The new favorites will be the Washington Wizards or the Hawks. Generally speaking, your division is easier to win if the world’s best player isn’t in it.

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