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Mark BradleyMark Bradley

Draft Day arrives: What should the Falcons do?

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Time for a Big (Khalil) Mack Attack? (Mike Groll/AP)

Time for a Big Mack Attack? (Mike Groll/AP)

Moving the NFL draft to May means that the hype, which was already oppressive, is now unbearable. Which is why the draft’s deferred arrival brings as much relief as anticipation.

By now, everything has already been said, and not just once but a dozen times. This post is meant to serve as a final fling before Chris Berman (ugh!) starts blathering. In your educated view, what should the Atlanta Falcons do?

The polls are open. Please avail yourselves.

From myajc.com: It’s not the Falcons’ biggest draft ever, but it’s big.

Also from myajc.com: 10 reasons the Falcons need Jadeveon Clowney.

Further reading: Johnny Manziel – great college player, bad NFL risk.


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